What is an Access Appraisal?

An Access Appraisal is a simplified inspection and report. Unlike an Access Audit, it does not detail each element within a building or give detailed solutions to make premises comply with the intent of the DDA. Rather, the appraisal gives an overview of a premises, stating the building’s current general compliance with the requirements for good access and potential for upgrading to the current standards.

Who needs an Access Appraisal?

The Access Appraisal is of great use as part of a Due Diligence Survey Report for building owners, potential buyers and lessees. Protect your interests and investments by having Access First provide you with an Access Appraisal.

An Access First Access Appraisal will give you a clear understanding of how your premises stacks up to the potential risk of a complaint being made against your organisation to the Human Rights Commission for discrimination on the basis of disability.

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