What are Access Audits?

An Access Audit is a report that details non-compliance issues with regards to a given site and provides recommendations to improve these issues. Access First will inspect your site, including buildings, the outdoor environment, car parking, facilities and services, to determine non-compliance with the intent of the Disabilities Discrimination Act.

Once this is complete, a written Access Audit is produced detailing what non-compliance exists and practical, cost effective recommendations can then be provided to improve DDA compliance.

Why do you need an Access Audit?

Access audits aim to assist building owners and/or managers to minimise the risk of a DDA complaint being made against the organisation. Work Health and Safety issues could be more problematic on your premises when people with any disability negotiate your environment. Access First includes Work Health and Safety issues in the
Access Audit which can be of great benefit to your Risk Management Plan.

Access First can evaluate your building plans for likely compliance with the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standard 2010 before submission for Local Authority Approval.

What is a Certificate of Compliance for Access?

Access First can provide a Certificate of Compliance for your project to verify that the construction meets the strict access requirements detailed in the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standard 2010. This Certificate of Compliance for Access is an important part of your project and is possibly required to obtain final approval for an Occupation Certificate by your Building Certifier.

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