What is a Disability Action Plan

Once an Access Audit has been completed Access First, in consultation with the client, creates a Disability Action Plan. This plan outlines how and when the organisation will proactively improve their premises and services over time, to reduce the risk of a person being discriminated against on the basis of their disability. The Disability Action Plan includes the estimated costs involved with each improvement suggested, allowing the organisation to budget for these works.

The format of the Disability Action Plan is suitable for lodgement with the Human Rights Commission. Once completed, Access First will lodge your plan with the Human Rights Commission, on your behalf. In the event of a Disability Discrimination Act complaint being lodged against your organisation, the Human Rights commission will take into favourable consideration your proactive approach to continually improving access, based on your Disability Action Plan.

Who needs a Disability Action Plan?

Building owners, potential buyers and lessees benefit from having a Disability Action Plan.

A Disability Action Plan is good for your Corporate Image as well as being an integral part of your business Risk Management Plan.
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